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"International Seminar on TCM Fighting Against COVID-19 Held in China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

On May 8th, the "International Seminar on TCM Fighting Against COVID-19 ", co-sponsored by the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and the University of Graz, Austria was held online. More than ten experts from China and Austria at 4 venues exchanged views through teleconferences on the role of TCM in combating the COVID-19 and the next stage of cooperation between China and Austria. Mr. Lei Fengyun, Science and Technology Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Austria, gave a written speech on behalf of the Science and Education Office of the Embassy in Austria, wishing China-Austria cooperation in TCM to achieve more fruitful results.


The meeting was chaired by Dr. Song Ping, Director of the International Cooperation Department of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. Dr. Zhao Linhua of Guanganmen Hospital (representing Academician Tong Xiaolin),Dr. Li Ning of the Institute of Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Wang Jigang, Deputy Director of Artemisinin Research Center, and Prof. Rudolf Bauer, Director of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Academy of Natural Sciences, University of Graz, reported on “The Recognition and Treatment of COVID-19 with TCM Perspective”, “Pharmacological and mechanistic studies of Three Chinese Patent Medicines & Three Chinese Herbal Formulas in the treatment of COVID-19”, “Study on the Construction of virus-like Particles” and “Considerations on a Research Plan for Chinese Medicine Fighting Against COVID-19”.


Both China and Austria part are willing to promote cooperation in research on active ingredients of TCM against COVID-19. At the end of the teleconference, Dr. Song Ping expressed gratitude to the Chinese embassy in Austria for their support on anti-epidemic exchange between China and Austria on behalf of all the participating experts.